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Formwork Materials; mold oil, paint the edges, crossties, tie-rods, nuts, telescopic pole planting, mirrors and other construction weedy our category where the sale of equipment used in the formwork.


  • Plywood Mold Oil
    Plywood Molding Oil, construction of concrete mold, mold board to facilitate the separation of...
  • Plywood Edge Paint
    Plywood Edge Paint; plywood is cut the plywood and apply directly to the hole for Tie-Rot.
  • Aluminium Post Shores
    Aluminium Post Shores are made of aluminium which means they are very light, e.g. the MP 350...
  • Tie-Rot
    Tie-Rot; curtain-column, beam and allows installation of the mold and the mold is one of the most...
  • Clamps Lock
    Clamps Lock; When iron rods are used to mutual determination of walls, columns and beam patterns,...
  • Stud (Tie-Rot) Nut
    Stud (Tie-Rot) Nut; It is produced from nodular cast iron. Usage is simple and safe.
  • Tie-Rot Mirror
    Tie-Rot Mirror; manufactured from steel and sheet. The mold construction ensures strong.